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Megan E Hinds

Printmaker and Painter


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Abstract Landscapes

Monotype,Hand cut Etching  

This series of work was inspired by the arial views of our landscape. Embracing the calm negative space and the active serene movement.

City Landscapes

Hand Cut Etching

This series are arial views of Chicago. They are architectural interpretations depicting the history of buildings, land, and floor plans.

MeganHinds_Makelove,MakeTea .jpg

Landscape Painting

Acrylic Painting

This series is exploring the abstraction of color in our landscapes. These works are more about movement, gestures, and mark making.

Lateral Line

Micron Pen Drawings

This series consists of many many gathering into large swarms. They are able to swarm together to protect themselves due to a nerve in their fins called the Lateral Line.

Altered Formations

Hand Cut Etching

This series is exploring types of clouds. Each cloud definition was bared down to two words then I created an abstract visualization cloud based off their definitions.


Hand Cut Etching

This series is response to Artist Federico Herrero mural at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Watching the bird swarms play in a colored playground.



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