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Megan E. Hinds

Printmaker  Painter 


Latest Collection

Multiple Scatterings:

Intaglio and hand cut paper 

This series of work was inspired by the large midwest skies. The transitions of a day and the every changing aspects of life. The movement in them and the movement and life around us. The colors we are allowed to see and those seen and unseen elements playing in that space. 

Hand cut

Bee Life:

Intaglio and hand cut paper

This series focuses on bees. I considered how they created their homes, their natural instinct for congregation and their ability to preserve in nature. I see the inner workings of the community and the bee' interaction with their habitat.


Color Landscapes:

Acrylic and Ink wash on Canvas

This series of paintings are color studies. They are not planned or sketched out, rather they are made with impulse, one color leads to the next.  I build up a space filled with travelers weaving through a colored landscape. 



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